Welcome to Moonfaires World!
Wizards Toy House! 3
Lisa Kettell C.2009
Welcome to Moonfaires World, a place where one can escape into the fantasy realm. Are you a green pixie or a purple one, perhaps you are a fairy or a
garden sprite, a queen or a dragonfly princess. Are your angel wings white or light pink? Do you cast spells or create potions like a wizard or sorceress. Maybe
you are a good witch or a bad one. Have you explored ancient cities and believe that magic exists in this vast universe, then, Moonfaires World is the right place
for you.

At Moonfaires World, I am dedicated to preserving one's imagination and keeping history alive. I believe that anything is possible and that we must all be true to
ourselves. If we allow our inner pixie to continue to explore and play, plus, allow our inner wizard to create magic, then we will continue to keep our
imaginations active and stay as young or old as we wish to, just like Peter Pan and our favorite fairy, Tinkerbell.

I believe my art reflects this whimsy, in many different forms and mediums. I love taking ordinary items and objects and turning them into fun and whimsical
pieces of art, for all to enjoy.

Through this enchanted website, you will find pieces of art
and curious goods for sale in the Curiosity Shoppe from rare and unique image collections, Galerie
De Modes and Fashion Plate Collections all available on cd or download, explore a plethora of supplies designed for all levels of art experience such as the
unfinished doll parts and wares, ephemera and trimmings, you'll also find The Faerie Zine, Piddlestixs and Flapperology available for sale on cd, digital
download and in hard copy print form.

As you explore Moonfaires World, take a visit to a Land of Enchantment and enjoy
a gallery of art to view and get inspired by, along with art instructions and
tips, info
. Get glimpses into my books: "Star and the Milky Way Cafe",and my new released art/design/craft book "Altered Art Circus" by Quarry Books,
released Feb.1, 2009.
Plus you will find access to, many of my favorite links on the web, along with many new, exciting things, yet to come.

Stay in the loop on The ART OPERA, Tinsel Wonderland, and other artful and inspiring workshops hosted by either me, or other wonderful art groups. Find
out my latest book signing, demo, event or workshop either online, or nationwide, view all this info or to register for these events in The ART OPERA tab

I hope when you enter this place, that you will leave with much magic and joy!

Lisa Kettell, Aka Moonfaires
A curious Place Indeed!
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